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Winter Uniform

Uniform is being sourced through a supplier in Rustenburg. The boys’ uniform remains unchanged for winter. Girls will wear long navy socks or navy stockings. The jersey will be navy and we are waiting for the supplier to make a sample with our badge before we order. Currently the only addition to the uniform is a navy blue dri-mac or windbreak available from Pep, Ackermanns or any supplier of your choice.


Navy quantex sport shorts will soon be available and every child will be expected to purchase a pair and wear them to sport practices on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Match kits still needs to be finalised. It is essential that children wear takkies to sport practice.

We will send out more information as soon as the supplier has our uniform in stock.

Winter Uniform

End of term 1 test timetable

Tests begin on Friday 13 March and will be written every day for 6 days. One hour tests will be written from 07:30 and the second lesson will begin at 08:45. After the test, normal lessons will commence as per the timetable. The Technology test will be one hour but extra time has been allocated for handing out and collecting in drawing equipment.  To see the test timetable click on ‘read more’.

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Healthy Eating

In Assembly Mrs Krige challenged the children to bring a healthy lunch from home instead of bringing money and buying food at school. In the week preceding the assembly the children completed an anonymous survey on healthy eating and what they bring for lunch. The results were as follows:  Read more

Parents’ meeting

There will be a parents’ meeting on Saturday 7 March at 10:00. This is a general meeting to discuss school related issues and for the Principal to bring things to your attention and items for discussion. It is not an opportunity to discuss your child specifically.

Fun and Learning in the classroom

In every environment, there is a need for people to work in teams. Whether it be at home, sports, university, or even at school. Here at Kitsong we call it co-operative learning. In this lesson we help kids (through fun activities of course!) gain the skills to work and help each other. Below is one of the lessons where learners had to work on a scenario where each individual was given a character and they had to debate which of the three individuals in the group would be the successful candidate.

A lot of debate ensued with each child arguing their case and also listening to other people’s cases. This is just the tipping point of how we learn and teach at Kitsong.


All kitted out!

It was a race to see which would come first – Valentine’s day or everyone in school uniform. Virginia and her team of dressmakers in Luka managed to match the material and make lovely wrap around skirts for our gilrs. The skirts definitely identify the girls as Kitsong students and they look very smart and feminine and adds an independent touch to our uniform. Thanks to everyone for their hard work and patience in this area; it has certainly paid off.

The uniform committee, under the leadership of Mme Onthatile Mataboge, is now sourcing sports uniform, winter uniform and maybe even a tracksuit. All updates will appear on this site.

photo of girls' skirts

Girls in their new Kitsong wrap around skirts.

Interim Academic Assessment

On Monday 9 February the first Interim Academic Feedback went home to parents. With Kitsong using tablets and Moodle for assessment, it was felt that parents could lose touch with the work their children are doing at school. With classwork tasks being done on tablets it is not as easy for parents to keep an eye on their child’s progress; celebrate their successes and monitor their areas of weakness.


The feedback given was on individual activities done and was not a summative assessment or a full report for promotion purposes. It was merely a record of the work covered to date.


It sounds like they were well received and it looks like Interim Academic Feedback will be a regular occurrence. Parents are invited to contact the school with feedback and comments related to these documents.

Tuesday afternoon culture period

The last lesson on a Tuesday is our culture period. This Tuesday the students had the choice of playing Chess, quick Scrabble or writing poetry with our new Fulbright volunteers. The Headmaster, Mr Krige, challenged the best student chess player to a game and Lesane Rampete was unanimously pushed forward. The atmosphere was tense and a small crowd soon gathered. A momentary lack of concentration from Lesane was all Mr Krige needed to remove his queen and subsequently win the game.

2011-05-24 03.50.33

Quick Scrabble was played in pairs and much fun was had by all. Students challenged each other’s spelling and a row broke out when someone tried to slip in a Setswana word.

2011-05-24 03.52.28

Update on girls’ skirts

The material for the skirts will be collected on Monday 26 January and the first skirts should be ready for collection on Friday 30 January. In order to help parents who have not yet managed to take their daughter to Virginia, she will visit the school during break on Friday and will measure the girls. It is still the parents’ responsibility to liaise with Virginia regarding the skirt and payment.

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