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Royal Bafokeng All Star U16 Players

Oratile Seome was selected for the Royal Bafokeng U16 girls teams which was knocked out in the group stages of the tournament held on Saturday 29 August and Oarabile Sekitla was selected for the Royal Bafokeng U 16 B boys team. The boys were knocked out in the semi-finals of the Royal Bafokeng Basketball 4th Annual tournament.


Girls Basketball League Tournament

In the afternoon the Kitsong girls hit the court to get ready for Keledi Secondary junior girls. This would be the toughest opponents we have had to face, two times League finals runner ups. From the jump ball Keledi girls showed they were in an aggressive minded attack mode, Onkarabetse Monyatsi scored four opening points for Kitsong. The team kept pushing but the score was opening by a big margin. Coach Lebo gave the team an assignment to score double digits by the end of the fourth quarter. Onkarabetse Monyatsi, also known as “Casper”, started beast mode and started rebounding every ball defensively and offensively. She then scored six more points, which made the Keledi coach tell her players to stop “Casper”. She finished the game with 10 point and 13 rebounds. The final score was Kitsong 14 – 49 Keledi secondary school Jnr girls.

Boys Basketball League Tournament

Kitsong vs Molotlegi

The team was up and arrived early at Phokeng Health Centre courts for the League Tournament where Kitsong had a three game fixture on Saturday the 08 August. Kitsong boys were the Tournament openers playing Molotlegi Middle School, which was their 3rd game of the season. The game started with a slow tempo with both teams making turn overs. After Kitsong settled in with their new point Guard Oarabile Sekitla leading the boys to their first point by assisting Lesane Rampete with a pass which he converted, Molotlegi, with its experienced players, made a run and pushed up defensive tempo by playing full court press, which resulted in turn overs. At half time we were down but not out. The second half saw Boineelo Masibi use his speed to break the pressure defence and scored a jump shot. In the end the Molotlegi MS boys won by 16 points, final score Kitsong 09 – 25 Molotlegi MS.

Kitsong vs Tshukudu School

Later in the afternoon the boys were well rested and ready for their second game of the day against Tshukudu Secondary junior boys – one time Jr NBA middle school champions but that wasn’t going to stop the team from trying to cause an upset of the day. Tshepo Mamotsau opened the game with a three point (first three point of our school)and by the end of the first quarter it was a tie at 6 per team. By half time there was a one point difference. Tshepo Mamotsau went on in the second half leading all scorers with 8 points, Oarabile Sekitla contributed to the score by making two free throws. After what had seemed like a close game the scoreboard told a different story with a final score of Kitsong 11 – 26 Tshukudu Secondary school Jnr boys.





Kitsong vs Molotlegi Middle School

The second half of the basketball season kicked off with the girls’ team playing their fourth game as they had to battle Molotlegi Middle School, at Phokeng Health Centre courts. The game started with jump ball, Oratile Seome won the jump ball and tipped the ball to Kutlwano Tsheole who was unsuccessful at scoring. As the game went back and forth Molotlegi scored two baskets in a row. The team had to set back and regroup. Our first points of the game were from our point guard Pholoso Mpedi with a pass interception which led to a basket, The first quarter ended 08-04 Kitsong. After 5 minutes in the second quarter Molotlegi MS opened the margin on the score leading by double digits. Our Coach made a few adjustments to the starting 5, with the game changer Kamogelo Diale who finished the game with 4 steals, 2 blocks, 4 rebounds and 6 points. At half time Kitsong was down by 10 – 21. The girls displayed a great fight to make a come back with great defensive work but could not convert on the offensive end. After forty minutes of play the final score was Molotlegi Middle School 40 – 16 Kitsong. Other outstanding performance of the day were Oratile Seome 13 rebounds, 1 block and 4 points and Pholoso Mpedi 6 Points, 17 Steals, 1 Assist and 3 rebounds. #Grow_The_Game

kitsong girls




The winter uniform was presented at the last parents’ meeting and our students continue to be complimented on how smart they look. Girls are allowed to wear navy blue stockings in winter, not black. Navy blue beanies are also allowed to be worn. Children are asked to remove any item of clothing that they wear to school which is not school uniform, so please ensure that your child wears the correct uniform.

House t-shirts and sports shorts have been ordered and will be available to be purchased from Mrs Krige at school from early next term. Children will be expected to wear these shorts and the correct house t-shirt for sport every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We are also expecting a delivery of more school shirts. We sell to you at cost and do not make any profit from the uniform, but unfortunatelty prices have gone up. The new prices will be on the website as soon as we receive the stock, but school shirts cost + R 120, house t-shirts + R75 and sport shorts + R130.

After considering various options, the decision has been taken not to change the girls’ skirt. The wrap around skirt is attractive and unusual in a school uniform and the fact that buttons don’t need to be moved and zips can’t break is very appealing. If you need to order another one, please contact Virginia on 0737730353 as you did at the beginning of the year. Please negotiate a price with her directly. You are welcome to negotiate slight changes in cut, for example a slightly flared skirt may suit your daughter more than the current straight cut, but the wrap around style is our uniform.

Samba Soccer Tournament

Saturday 30 May 2015 saw our under 15 soccer team kitted out in new kit warming up to play in their first tournament cheered on by 7 girls smartly turned out in full school uniform. Samba Soccer was held on the Lebone College fields and was attended by teams from under 7 – under 18.

Our boys did us proud. They drew their first match against Sosville 1-1 but lost in the penalty shoot-out 3-2. They then played Sporting Academy and won 5-2 but for reasons best known to the organisers this match was deemed to be a friendly and did not count. Kitsong then played Zinniaville where they came back from a 2-0 deficit at half time to score a last minute goal to equalise and head for another penalty shoot-out. They were victorious due to 3 penalties saved by the keeper, Lesego Mpudi, and a sublime last kick by the captain, Otshepeng Ngwenya, to win 3-1. This win placed them in the semi-final where they faced Sporting Academy again. This game ended in a 0-0 draw but Kitsong won 6-5 in the penalty shoot-out, placing us in the final.

By this stage of the day even the sun was tired and heading below the mountains for the night. We played Samba Soccer in the final and went down 3-0 to a well-practiced team.

Otshepeng Ngwenya was awarded ‘Player of the Tournament’ and Kitsong proudly accepted silver medals after a long hard day of soccer in which they played well as a team and scored some amazing goals.

In a final tally Tshepo Mamotsau scored 7 goals, Lesego Mpudi came very close to scoring from his position as goalie with a huge goal kick which was heading for goals but given a final tap by Tshepo. Siyabonga Sibanyoni did not miss a single penalty and Jabulani Khuboni defended the left side against even the fastest player the opposition sent his way.


Our first Basketball game.

Wednesday the 29th of ​April 2015 saw Kitsong have their debut inter-school sport challenge against Matale Secondary School in a boys basketball match. The match took place at the courts near Kitsong at the Health Centre. Our boys got ready early to prepare the courts for the game and also to warm up to play. The court was filled with immense nervousness and excitement as both the boys and the school were having a first of these inter-school matches. The Kitsong learners and staff came to support and to experience this great and definitive moment.

The game started with a tip-off that saw Lesane Rampete win the first play of the game to Kitsong and then the team proceeded for their first ever attacking offensive play that did not lead to their first scoring basket. The game continued to see Kitsong play good defence for just about 3 minutes until Matale made their first scoring basket. Oarabile Sekitila while tirelessly playing good defence got accidentally elbowed on the nose and had to receive medical attention and be subbed out, but he recovered quickly and joined the bench. This gave the opportunity for Tshepo Mamotsau to be introduced and he brought new energy to the game. Matale failed to score before Odirile Phatsoane got a strong rebound and made an outlet pass to Otshepeng Ngwenya who passed to Lesane Rampete who passed to Lesego Mpudi (the point-guard) who made the final pass which pierced Matale to find “The quick feet” Tshepo Mamotsau who had two defenders on him and still managed to make a swift scoring basket which saw Kitsong score the first basket of the game.

Matale dominated the game by scoring more points and moving the ball well. Kitsong defence kept improving as the game went on. Some key highlights of the game included Tshepo’s pace and his ability to attack the opposition and get a chance at shooting the ball. The last of these moments was the solo effort by Lesego Mpudi who went skilfully against 4 Matale defenders to score an over the head no-look shot which was the last basket for the the game.

Matale won the game 34 – 9.

Kitsong looks forward to improving our basketball performances. It was an epic and exciting afternoon for the school.



Sport gets started

In the 3 sport lessons at Kitsong so far this year, scholars have participated in a Basketball Clinic, a Soccer Clinic, a Netball Clinic and a Beep Test. The Beep Test is a simple international benchmark for measuring fitness. This will give all the scholars the opportunity to monitor their improvement in fitness as the year progresses.

Sport plays an important part in the curriculum at Kitsong. There are 3 compulsory sports lessons every week. Any scholar who has an injury or for any other reason is not able to participate in a sport lesson has to bring a letter to school to excuse herself or himself.

netball  Soccer

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