Social Change-Maker’s Mural

Kitsong Social Change-Maker’s is an after-school club dedicated to questioning and improving the world around us. Over the past few weeks, the learners have been identifying issues within the Phokeng community and coming up with ways they can make change. This week at Social Change-Maker’s we discussed the xenophobic attacks in South Africa. The learners shared how the attacks made them feel, why they think they are happening, and how we could make our community a safe space. Following the discussion, Kitsong learners created a mural for peace in Africa. Using chalk, the learners expressed their feelings against xenophobia, and the need to unite our communities. After covering a good portion of the wall in chalk, we came together in a compliment circle. A ball of string was tossed from learner to learner as they complimented each other for their art-work, their kindness, and friendship. Each student left with a friendship bracelet from the activity. The mural is currently on display at the Kitsong campus.

social change makers                      social change mural