In Grade 8, emphasis will be placed on Languages, Mathematics and creative project work so that extra time can be devoted to developing essential intellectual skills. This will develop into a National Senior Certificate curriculum with the following subjects being offered for Matric: English, Setswana, Mathematics, Physical Science, Engineering Graphics and Design, Information Technology, Drama and Life Orientation


Many of life’s lessons are learnt through sport. Coping with success and failure, the value of training, being part of a team, fair-play, pushing oneself to the limit and self-discipline are some important examples. To learn these lessons, sport needs to be competitive, coached and organised. It is envisaged that sport offered at Kitsong will include Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Athletics.


The performing arts are the soul of a school so every school needs a stage. Despite the emphasis on Science and Technology, Kitsong had a stage before it had a science laboratory or computer room. Music will always have a place in school assemblies and in the classroom. It is envisaged that Cultural activities will include Choir, Drama, Chess, Debating, Film making and similar activities.


Being a church-based school, Kitsong’s spiritual curriculum will have as its foundation the Christian Faith and the teachings of the Bible. Learners of all faiths will be welcome and Kitsong will protect every learner’s right of religiousĀ  choice subject to the school rules. Hymn singing, prayers and spiritual teaching will form part of assemblies and Life Orientation lessons. Again, these aspects of the curriculum will always be conducted in a context of protecting religious choice.


Service is an integral part of education. The opportunity to serve inspires teenagers. Kitsong will provide opportunities for learners to serve their own communities and communities beyond and will give annual awards to those who show tenacity in taking these opportunities.


The pastoral care system at Kitsong will be organised in houses and tutor-groups. Opportunities for learners to exercise leadership will be integral to these structures. To prepare them for this important task, the curriculum of leadership education will start in Grade 8 and will include theory and practical tasks.