Vision, Mission, Values


Making high quality independent schooling accessible.


To prepare children for global competitiveness while remaining affordable, achieved by using and developing the latest educational technologies to leverage the expertise of outstanding teachers to more children than previously possible in a strategic selection of disciplines, academic, cultural and sporting.


  1. Kitsong is a South African school and believes in promoting the values underpinning the constitution of South Africa:
    • Human dignity
    • Democracy
    • Equality
    • Openness
    • Non-racism and Non-sexism
    • Respect
    • Accountability
    • The rule of law
    • Reconciliation
  2. The school was also founded with the intention that biblical Christian values should underpin the value system of the school. The essence of this is the principle of respect captured in Mathew 7:12:

    “In everything, treat others as you would have them treat you.”