About Us

Kitsong was founded as a high school to offer quality education which is accessible to anyone. This exciting new project is sponsored by the Royal Bafokeng Institute.

One of the most critical skills shortages in South Africa is in Science and Technology, particularly Engineering. Kitsong will focus on these skills by emphasising subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Information Technology and Languages, but also give its scholars excellent preparation for any tertiary study in South Africa or worldwide.

Though sacrificing quantity of academic subjects in favour of quality, Kitsong will offer a broad curriculum which will include academic, sporting, cultural, leadership and environmental education. Kitsong will be a church-based school with chapel services forming part of a spiritual curriculum.

Recent innovations in teaching and learning methodology have been the subject of numerous books and conference talks. These innovations, combined with tried and tested methods and properly managed in a school environment, have suddenly made possible what is desperately necessary in South Africa. These innovations not only enhance the learning process but also make it more accessible. Kitsong will make the most of these innovations, providing a technology-rich environment in which every scholar will use their own tablet device in most lessons. Consequently, scholars will be given immediate feedback on tests and exercises, as well as the opportunity to repeat tasks until they achieve mastery.

Kitsong is set to become a Twenty First Century learning-space where education is fun, challenging and rewarding.

Walk around the school

Walkway in the school