Basketball fixtures – 2016

The Royal Bafokeng Jr NBA / WNBA League schedule has come through and Kitsong will be playing the following fixtures:

  • Wednesday 02 March Kitsong girls (jnr) vs Matsukubyane at Kanana Stadium at 15:00.
  • Friday 04 March Kitsong boys (snr) vs Charora at Charora Secondary School at 15:00.
  • Saturday 05 March Kitsong girls (jnr) vs Lebone II College at the Health Centre at 09:00.
  • Saturday 05 March Kitsong girls (jnr) vs Mangope Tech at the Health Centre at 09:00.
  • Saturday 05 March Kitsong boys (jnr) vs Matale at the Health Centre at 09:00.
  • Saturday 05 March Kitsong boys (jnr) vs Matsukubyane at the Health Centre at 09:00.
  • Wednesday 09 March Kitsong boys (jnr) vs Lebone II College at the Health Centre at 15:00.
  • Friday 11 March Kitsong boys vs Mangope Tech at the Health Centre at 15:00.

These fixtures appear on the Kitsong calendar too and will be updated there should there be changes.

High-Tec Learning

AT Kitsong, tablets are used as an essential tool in the learning process. Our students are provided with reading books, audio books, youtube clips and apps, which all assist in the learning process. Perhaps most important of all, they get the opportunity to practice newly learned skills by doing quizes. For this purpose we use powerful web-based assessment software called Moodle.

moodle maths quiz on tablets

Maths quiz on tablets

In Moodle, students are immediately given feedback on their work and then have the opportunity to reattempt the quiz as often as they want to until they achieve complete mastery of the skill. Each time they attempt a quiz, the questions will be slightly different.

Athletics Season

Athletics is always an important start to the sporting year as it establishes a fitness and skills platform for other sports codes. Athletics is also an important sport (or group of sports) in its own right, and perhaps the purest and fairest of all sport. This being the year of Rio Olympics perhaps heightens the awareness and interest in athletics.

IMG_20160129_092603743At Kitsong, Inter-House athletics is on Wednesday 3 February. Please come along and watch. Spectators always make a big difference to athletes. Every morning, Kitsong children can be seen practising on the athletics field for the Inter-House Meeting. IMG_20160129_092858816 IMG_20160129_092759151

School uniform

I have ordered more school uniform which will arrive during the first week of January. I don’t anticipate a price change.

I will be in the office from 09:00 – 14:00 on Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 January if you need to buy more uniform.


On Thursday 3 December we will go on an outing to Ananda where we will be able to swim and celebrate the end of the school year. There is no cost. Please ensure that children bring snacks and drinks as well as their swimming costumes and towels. All teachers will be in attendance. They may wear their sports kit.

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