Basketball play-offs

Play-offs kicked off on Heritage day, 24th September 2015, at the Royal Bafokeng sports palace. It was a day of smiles and tears as a great display of skill and talented kids was on shown. In our first season of the basketball programme we made it to League play-offs. In the quarter finals we played against Matsukubyane Middle School. The game started well but with both team still struggling to find the rhythm. Oratile Seome opening the scoring with a rebound put back so Kitsong was leading by two defensive blocks then Onkarabetse Monyatsi followed with 6 points to end the half with 08 –  11 Matsukubyane Middle School.

In the second half Matsukubyane Middle School showed they  were the team with experience. The final score was Kitsong 13 – 29 Matsukubyane Middle School.

Our girls have worked hard at developing their basketball skills this year and we congratulate them on their excellent first season.



Soccer boys victorious!

On Wednesday 16 September Kitsong had a soccer fixture against Matale Middle School. The final score was 7-1 to Kitsong.


Soccer half time  Team talk at half time.

The Matale No. 10 challenges Otshepeng Ngwenya as Oratile Sekete and Siya Siyabonga look on.

Matale No 10 challenges Otshepeng Ngwenya as Oratile Sekete and Siya look on

The victorious team – well done boys!!

Victorious soccer team

Applications for 2016

Applications closed on Friday 28 August and 55 new children have written entrance tests and places have been offered accordingly. The result is that there are a few places still available in Grade 8, Grade 9 is full and there are a few places still available for Grade 10. Applications are still being accepted for Grade 8 and Grade 10 but as places are offered and accepted and the classes fill-up applications will close.

Entrance tests

Subjects offered for Matric are: English, Setswana, Maths, Information Technology, Drama, Physical Science and Engineering Graphic Design.



Royal Bafokeng All Star U16 Players

Oratile Seome was selected for the Royal Bafokeng U16 girls teams which was knocked out in the group stages of the tournament held on Saturday 29 August and Oarabile Sekitla was selected for the Royal Bafokeng U 16 B boys team. The boys were knocked out in the semi-finals of the Royal Bafokeng Basketball 4th Annual tournament.


The Film Club

The Film Club is a creative space for students to nurture their story telling skill through the use of audio-visual media. The students are given tasks such as coming up with movie concepts, dance videos and many more exciting exercises. Over the past few months, we’ve been working vigorously on music/dance video concepts and here are the results.

Cycle Test Timetable – Term 3


Tuesday 8 September

07:30 – 08:45

Technology (1½ hr)

Wednesday 9 September

07:30 – 08:45

Drama (1hr)

Thursday 10 September

07:30 – 08:45

Maths (1hr)

Friday 11 September

07:30 – 08:45

IT (1hr)

Monday 14 September

07:30 – 08:45

Setswana (1hr)

Tuesday 15 September

07:30 – 08:45

Humanities (1hr)

Wednesday 16 September

07:30 – 08:45

Science (1hr)

Thursday 17 September

07:30 – 08:45

English (1hr)

  • Second lesson will begin at 08:45 and will be only 45 minutes long.

  • Normal school times and lessons will be followed according to the timetable.

  • All tests will be paper based and one hour long.

  • The Technology test will be one and a half hours to allow for drawings.

  • All tests to be written in Lambda under strict exam conditions.

Report on Parents’ meeting held 22 August 2015

What follows is a brief report of the main issues presented by Mr Krige and the questions asked by the parents at the end of the meeting. Some of the points will not be discussed in full here and if you would like more information on these points it would be a good idea to ask Mr Krige directly.

Kitsong Parents’ Meeting 22 August 2015: Agenda

  1. Welcome
  2. 2016
  3. Future Plans
  4. Registration
  5. Uniform
  6. Academic Feedback
  7. Tablets
  8. Sport
  9. Performing Arts
  10. Food and Tuckshop
  11. Parent Functions and Structures
  12. Question Time

There was a good turn out of parents for the meeting and Mr Krige welcomed everyone and thanked them for making the effort to attend.

Brochures advertising Kitsong and application forms are available and have been distributed via local primary schools given that our registration with the Department of Education seems to be imminent. Grade 8, 9 and 10 are invited to apply for 2016 as it is felt that we need to give Grand 10 scholars the opportunity to attend Kitsong in 2016 and that it will do our current Grade 8 scholars good to have older scholars to learn from and socialise with. Future plans may include a foundation phase which would grow into a primary school, but this has not been finalised and will definitely not happen in 2016.

Sports shorts and house t-shirts have been added to the school uniform. The school now stocks sport shorts (R130), house t-shirts (R70) and Kitsong golf shirts (R120) and these are available on a cash basis. Every scholar is expected to have a house t-shirt and sports shorts for sport lessons and occassional matches. It has been agreed that boys’ faun pants may only be purchased from the schoolwear stockists in Steen Street, Rustenburg.

Interim Academic Feedback will continue to be issued twice a term which is about every three weeks.

It is expected that every scholar have their own tablet at school every day and that their tablet is charged. During the course of the day lessons include quizzes, videos and notes which are all available only on their tablets. If a scholar does not have their tablet at school we try to help them out, but this wastes their time and puts them at a disadvantage.

Our sports programme has grown during the year and we now offer basketball, soccer and netball and many of our scholars have expressed an interest in running and participating in the Lebone Parkrun on a Saturday morning.

Mr Omphile Rapoo has joined the teaching staff and we now offer Drama as a school subject as well as film club as an extra-mural.

The issue of a tuckshop was raised again. While Kitsong has only 40 scholars, and not all of them would support a tuckshop, it is not economically viable for anyone to run one. Next year, with more students, we will revisit the idea of a tuckshop. Currently it is working well with the children bringing food to school.

Strong schools have a strong parent body. Mr Krige encouraged parents to organise themselves into a committee and organise a parents’ function of some sort.

A few issues were raised by parents during the question time.

  • One parents requested lockers so that scholars could keep their belongings safe. Lockers will definitely be purchased in the foreseeable future. The current arrangement is that valuables be given to Mrs Krige for safe keeping during the day.
  • 2 weeks’ notice was requested before meetings. It was agreed that all meeting dates will be put on the Kitsong calendar on our website (
  • The issue of being a christian / church-based school was raised. Again, being such a small school it is difficult to employ a person purely for this role. However, we currently have two assemblies per week which are usually Bible-based and end with the Prayer for Africa.
  • The suggestion was made to offer a healthy breakfast and lunch to our scholars everyday for a fee. A survey will be done closer to the end of the year.
  • Videos of sports matches and drama will be put on the website as and when they become available from now on.
  • Career guidance will be offered to the scholars in grade 9 when subject choices need to be made.

The meeting closed with tea at 11:10

Entrance Tests for 2016

Applications for 2016 are now open. Entrance tests for potential Grade 8, 9 and 10 scholars for 2016 will take place on Saturday 12 September at 09:00 – 11:00 at Kitsong. There is no charge to write the test. Parents will be contacted during the following week to discuss the outcome of the test. Once a place has been offered, a deposit of R1 000 is necessary to secure the place and purchase a tablet, which will be issued in 2016.

Girls Basketball League Tournament

In the afternoon the Kitsong girls hit the court to get ready for Keledi Secondary junior girls. This would be the toughest opponents we have had to face, two times League finals runner ups. From the jump ball Keledi girls showed they were in an aggressive minded attack mode, Onkarabetse Monyatsi scored four opening points for Kitsong. The team kept pushing but the score was opening by a big margin. Coach Lebo gave the team an assignment to score double digits by the end of the fourth quarter. Onkarabetse Monyatsi, also known as “Casper”, started beast mode and started rebounding every ball defensively and offensively. She then scored six more points, which made the Keledi coach tell her players to stop “Casper”. She finished the game with 10 point and 13 rebounds. The final score was Kitsong 14 – 49 Keledi secondary school Jnr girls.

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