Social Change-Maker’s Mural

Kitsong Social Change-Maker’s is an after-school club dedicated to questioning and improving the world around us. Over the past few weeks, the learners have been identifying issues within the Phokeng community and coming up with ways they can make change. This week at Social Change-Maker’s we discussed the xenophobic attacks in South Africa. The learners shared how the attacks made them feel, why they think they are happening, and how we could make our community a safe space. Following the discussion, Kitsong learners created a mural for peace in Africa. Using chalk, the learners expressed their feelings against xenophobia, and the need to unite our communities. After covering a good portion of the wall in chalk, we came together in a compliment circle. A ball of string was tossed from learner to learner as they complimented each other for their art-work, their kindness, and friendship. Each student left with a friendship bracelet from the activity. The mural is currently on display at the Kitsong campus.

social change makers                      social change mural

Our first Basketball game.

Wednesday the 29th of ​April 2015 saw Kitsong have their debut inter-school sport challenge against Matale Secondary School in a boys basketball match. The match took place at the courts near Kitsong at the Health Centre. Our boys got ready early to prepare the courts for the game and also to warm up to play. The court was filled with immense nervousness and excitement as both the boys and the school were having a first of these inter-school matches. The Kitsong learners and staff came to support and to experience this great and definitive moment.

The game started with a tip-off that saw Lesane Rampete win the first play of the game to Kitsong and then the team proceeded for their first ever attacking offensive play that did not lead to their first scoring basket. The game continued to see Kitsong play good defence for just about 3 minutes until Matale made their first scoring basket. Oarabile Sekitila while tirelessly playing good defence got accidentally elbowed on the nose and had to receive medical attention and be subbed out, but he recovered quickly and joined the bench. This gave the opportunity for Tshepo Mamotsau to be introduced and he brought new energy to the game. Matale failed to score before Odirile Phatsoane got a strong rebound and made an outlet pass to Otshepeng Ngwenya who passed to Lesane Rampete who passed to Lesego Mpudi (the point-guard) who made the final pass which pierced Matale to find “The quick feet” Tshepo Mamotsau who had two defenders on him and still managed to make a swift scoring basket which saw Kitsong score the first basket of the game.

Matale dominated the game by scoring more points and moving the ball well. Kitsong defence kept improving as the game went on. Some key highlights of the game included Tshepo’s pace and his ability to attack the opposition and get a chance at shooting the ball. The last of these moments was the solo effort by Lesego Mpudi who went skilfully against 4 Matale defenders to score an over the head no-look shot which was the last basket for the the game.

Matale won the game 34 – 9.

Kitsong looks forward to improving our basketball performances. It was an epic and exciting afternoon for the school.



Parent – Teacher Interviews

On Tuesday 21 April Teachers will be available from 15:00-17:00 for one-on-one interviews with any parent who would like to discuss their child. First Term reports went home on the last day of term and parents will have the opportunity to discuss any areas of concern that they might have with the teacher concerned.

Interviews will be held on a first come basis.

Kitsong’s First Public Speaking Competition

On Friday, 20 March Kitsong held its First Public Speaking Competition. Learners submitted poems, stories, speeches and raps a month before the competition then they worked during their breaks and after school to edit their writing and practise their speaking skills. All the students worked extremely hard, but only a few could perform at the assembly. The final four learners chosen to perform were Kagiso Katane, Bontle Putu, Onkarabetse Monyatsi and Letlhogonolo Molebatsi. Kagiso wrote a poem titled “I Am An African Child”, Bontle wrote a speech about Discrimination, Onkarabetse wrote a story called Selfish Queen and Letlhogonolo wrote a poem about Kitsong. The teachers voted after they all performed and Kagiso won first place. All four learners received certificates for participating in the competition. We encourage all the learners to submit for the Second Public Speaking Competition which will be held after the holidays.

End of the First Term 2015

40 tired children and a number of very tired teachers are pleased to welcome the beginning of the Easter holidays. The tutor group representatives organised a civvies day and it was great seeing our students looking all grown up. We had the first 3 lessons and they were followed by  tutor group parties, issuing of reports and final assembly. A newsletter was sent home with the reports but for anyone who is interested it is attached below.


We wish all our students, parents and teachers a blessed and relaxing Easter holiday.


newsletter 2

Winter Uniform

Uniform is being sourced through a supplier in Rustenburg. The boys’ uniform remains unchanged for winter. Girls will wear long navy socks or navy stockings. The jersey will be navy and we are waiting for the supplier to make a sample with our badge before we order. Currently the only addition to the uniform is a navy blue dri-mac or windbreak available from Pep, Ackermanns or any supplier of your choice.


Navy quantex sport shorts will soon be available and every child will be expected to purchase a pair and wear them to sport practices on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Match kits still needs to be finalised. It is essential that children wear takkies to sport practice.

We will send out more information as soon as the supplier has our uniform in stock.

Winter Uniform

End of term 1 test timetable

Tests begin on Friday 13 March and will be written every day for 6 days. One hour tests will be written from 07:30 and the second lesson will begin at 08:45. After the test, normal lessons will commence as per the timetable. The Technology test will be one hour but extra time has been allocated for handing out and collecting in drawing equipment.  To see the test timetable click on ‘read more’.

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Healthy Eating

In Assembly Mrs Krige challenged the children to bring a healthy lunch from home instead of bringing money and buying food at school. In the week preceding the assembly the children completed an anonymous survey on healthy eating and what they bring for lunch. The results were as follows:  Read more

Parents’ meeting

There will be a parents’ meeting on Saturday 7 March at 10:00. This is a general meeting to discuss school related issues and for the Principal to bring things to your attention and items for discussion. It is not an opportunity to discuss your child specifically.

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