Uniform committee

At the parents’ meeting on 6 December the parent body made a few decisions regarding the uniform children will wear in the first term of 2015. However, discussion needs to take place regarding jerseys, blazers, winter uniform, sports uniform etc. A uniform committee made up of parents and staff needs to meet to make suggestions relating to Kitsong uniform.

Any parents who are interested in joining this small committee are invited to contact the headmaster, Mr Ken Krige, by email on kenkrige@gmail.com so that a meeting can be arranged.


Kitsong shirts have arrived.

Our school shirts have arrived and they look stunning. They are available at the RBI offices and cost R100 each. Although RBI offices have closed the Kitsong office will be open on Monday 15 December and Thursday 18 December from 15:00 – 18:00 and from 08:00-16:00 from Monday 5 January onwards.

We have not managed to find a school supplier who stocks the girls’ skirts and are looking into local dressmakers to make flared wrap around skirts in a similar fabric to the boys’ pants. Once a dressmaker has been sourced and a price negotiated details will be sent to all parents.




New Parents’ meeting – 6 December

On Saturday the first meeting of 2015 Grade 8 students and parents took place. 44 people attended and all left feeling excited and positive about the new venture. All information given out appears on this site and can be collected in hard copy from the Royal Bafokeng Institute offices.


The following were discussed:

Kitsong Parents’ meeting Agenda

Saturday 6 December 2015

  1. Welcome – Mr Ken Krige

  2. ‘Changing Education’

  3. Enrolment

  4. Kitsong staff

  5. Campus facilities

  6. Tablets

  7. Calendar and school times

  8. Stationery requirements

  9. Food

  10. Transport

  11. Uniform

Entrance tests

The writing of entrance tests for Grade 8 2015 is well underway. To accommodate a number of late applicants there will be an opportunity to write the test on the following two Wednesday afternoons (26 November and 3 December) at the RBI offices, Luka street. A number of children have already been offered a place at Kitsong. For more information please contact Tsephiso Morei on 0145661471.

Inaugural Parents’ Meeting

The first meeting for interested parents was held in the school hall on Saturday 25 October at 9.30. The meeting was very well attended with over 90 parents present. Ken Krige addressed the parents on the establishment of Kitsong in 2015. If you were not able to attend you can read his notes here.

George Harris, CEO of the Royal Bafokeng Institute, was also in attendance to answer questions. There were a number of interesting questions asked and the feeling of the meeting was very supportive of the idea of establishing an accessible, high quality school in Phokeng.

‘Good Vibrations’

RBI invited pupils to a Holiday Club for 3 days of the October school holiday. The programme was co-ordinated by Mr Ken Krige, Mr Dave Ryan, Mr Orateng Motsoe, Mrs Fiona Krige and Mme Tshepiso Morei. A number of teachers who have graduated from the RBI learnership programme volunteered as facilitators and were available to help the children during the classes.

More than 120 eager pupils participated in ‘Good Vibrations’. The programme ranged from making single string guitars using Pizza boxes generously donated by Milaneza in Waterfall Mall to learning about fractions and doing quizzes on iPads to collaborating on the cup song. The holiday school ended with a competition between 12 pupils playing ‘Happy Birthday’ solo on their guitars and groups presenting their rendition of the cup song. Prizes were also awarded for the individual and team relay races around the RBI offices.

Attendance was excellent and the children must be commended on their commitment to attending and learning during their holiday. We all had a lot of fun and the children developed skills that they had not been exposed to previously.


Doing a Moodle Maths quiz on iPads.

Doing a Moodle Maths quiz on iPads.

Collaborating on a poem.

Collaborating on a poem.

Focussed on making a guitar.

Focussed on making a guitar.

Assembly all together in the Hall.

Assembly all together in the Hall.

Morning registration - collecting name tags.

Morning registration – collecting name tags.

Learning more about fractions in the Hall.

Learning more about fractions in the Hall.


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